WaterHawk IRS – Intruder Recognition System

Protecting assets and installations against the threat of intrusion is of paramount importance in an invisible subsea setting.  Harbour entrances, vessels, offshore platforms and infrastructure are all vulnerable to interference from underwater incursions, and the need for monitoring these resources is critical to ensuring a safe and continuous operating environment.

Ensign Subsea’s WaterHawk IRS is a key component in the armoury of subsea security & surveillance service providers, giving the ability to deliver real-time data via passive acoustic monitoring of intrusions or disturbances in the areas surrounding protected targets.  By determining the specific frequencies and other characteristics of these disturbances, the system operators and watchkeepers can distinguish between genuine threats or say the presence of marine mammals and other sea life.

As an Intruder Recognition System, the WaterHawk IRS can be permanently deployed in a specific location to give unbroken real time surveillance data, live streamed or recorded in raw or processed formats.  Alternatively the WaterHawk IRS can be used in a portable and temporary scenario for short term monitoring of vessels and other dynamic assets.

With applications in naval & coastal defence, safeguarding ports & harbours, commercial installations and private establishments, the WaterHawk IRS is a fundamental resource in the field of maritime safety and security.

Key Features

  • Low noise, broadband, synchronous array data
  • Low power
  • Embedded processing
  • Included topside software with real time spectrograms, third octave analysis and simple configuration
  • Real time data link for streaming acoustic data, or detection messages
  • Autonomous long term acoustic recording


  • Real time vessel detection
  • Anti-submarine warfare
  • Long range intruder detection, localisation of passive sources
  • Real time underwater noise monitoring
  • Mobile range operations
  • Defence research